Have you ever made your dreams come true? We did! Our dream is Can Sons, a new sound studio located in the center of Barcelona.

How did we achieve it? Basically, turning our passion into a job. And working, working a lot for the music and audiovisual sectors, collaborating and learning at the same time we were working for the best national and international companies. By understanding that each project has its own personality, that we need to gather and add talent and that we are able to create unique languages. By providing versatility, eclecticism, imagination and a wonderful point of madness.

How long have we put ourselves to develop the dream? More than 15 years! Because the new Can Sons starts in 2018, but the history and experience of the company comes from long time ago. If, in addition, we add the particular experience of the three partners, we could say that it was not the story of a day.

And now what? Well, you already know: if you want your dreams to come true, we know how to do it. Come visit us!

Eloi Caballé

Musician, producer, composer, technician and sound designer. Born in the middle of loudspeakers, sound cables, welders and resistors. Nomadic multi-instrumentalist with many eclectic stops (Selenitas, Minema, Los Negativos, Unexpected, Rabia del Milenio, Ummo, Desert …), travelling from pop to electronic music, from kraut rock to jazz. He plays, composes and post-produces for the audiovisual sector (TVE, Fox, TV3, LaSexta, BeIN Sports, Telefónica, Ubisoft …). Fine artist, versatile, kind. Melomane, music gourmet, collector of analog synthesizers. Melodies troubadour, sound landscaper, styles poet.

Aleix Sans

Sound technician, musical creator, sound designer, musician. Technician with a soul of musician. He dared to quit his telecommunications engineering studies, swapping them for his passion, music. Entrepreneur and visionary, promoter of CanSons project more than 20 years ago. In charge of mixing bands such as Manel, El Último Vecino, Doble Pletina, Amaia Romero, Desert, Joan Dausà, Bremen. Musical sound designer and musical creator of Premium products (Salvados, Colors, Somnis, Super3, Homo Zapping, El Comidista …) and advertising productions, documentaries, TV shows or animation projects. Melomane, unconformist. Reviewer of old projects, convinced that he is now able to remake them differently. Very differently. Much better.